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Dressing for travel is a bit of a science, that perfect combination between looking good (hello, arriving in Paris in a pair of sweats?) and being comfortable for the journey. Here’s what smart travellers wear when they travel.

What to wear? Layers.

Travelling by plane is like going through a million micro-climates: the airport gate, sweating on the tarmac (even freezing on the tarmac), the air-conditioned cabin… it’s essential to dress in layers when you travel. Key items to wear? A light scarf that can double as blanket or shawl like a Pashmina, cardigans, vests, light jacket and extra pair of warm socks if you tend to get cold feet. Feeling too warm? Pack a small reusable bag to carry your extra things in if you need to shed some layers while en route.


Wear fabrics that breathe

Whatever you choose to wear when you travel, make sure you’re wearing fabrics that let air and moisture pass through like cotton, linen or silk. Natural fabrics and man-made ones that promise to wick away moisture are also good, even better if they are loose-fitting.

Wear shoes that are uber-comfortable

The best pair of shoes to wear during travel are mostly flat, extremely comfortable and easy to slip on and off (particularly important to get through security as quick as possible). It’s amazing how much you need to walk at the airport. Your gate could be literally miles away and even if there are those super-fast moving pavements you’ll still need to walk quite a bit. Why not try a pair of canvas sneakers by Keds or Toms?

Wear clothes with plenty of pockets

You have to get a bit creative when it comes to travelling on low cost airlines. With many of them getting stingier and stingier with carry-on luggage restrictions it pays to use your clothing to its full potential. Have you seen that Scottevest jacket that pretty much doubles as a carry-on bag it has so many pockets? Brilliant.

What’s your go-to outfit for travel? Do you think much about it or just throw something on?

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