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With the international Air Show just a week away in Paris, Airbus gives us a sneak peek into what they’re planning for air travel in the future. Didn’t think it was possible to read your children bed-time stories from 35,000 feet in the air? Think again. The “intelligent cabin interior” is just around the corner.

Imagine every passenger getting the same treatment, regardless of cabin class. Finally Economy class brought up to the same level as First class, in fact, in the new Airbus designs there will be no segregated travel classes. Instead, there will be personalised zones to suit the needs of individual passengers. There will be two zones, the smart-tech zone and the relaxation zone, both outfitted with video conferencing technologies so finalising that business deal or reading stories to your kids at home will both be possible.

Panoramic views of the sky or entire continents passing beneath your feet. Also jet-lag will be a thing of the past thanks to the new revitalising zone that allows passengers to refresh themselves so that htey don’t arrive at their destinatin looking like zombies. With the use of aromatherapy and vitamin-infused air instead of the recycled cabin air we’re used to.Why not add a little mood lighting to the equation?

As for seating, you can be sure this “one-size-fits-all” seat will be a thing of the past. The seats of the future will mould to your body for ultimate comfort. Airbus is thinking green as well. They predict that they can harness the heat coming from passengers to help power the aircraft! Following the eco trends, the aircrafts of the future will be lighter, thus consuming less fuel, and have a much smaller carbon footprint than aircraft do today.

When can we expect these kinds of changes in our travel experiences? 2050.

In the mean time, just enjoy the cheap flights now because you can bet that with these innovations and new technologies, the price of air-travel won’t be the bargain that it still is today. Check out these other airline interiors that will blow you away!

What do you think about Airbus’ new ideas? What would you like to see in aircraft designs in the future?

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