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So, you like to travel? Maybe you even like finding great deals in order to travel cheap and stay in luxury hotels in 200+ destinations around the world? Radisson Blu Hotels is holding a competition to win 365 days worth of hotel stays at any Radisson Blu hotel. Interested?

Who doesn’t love to travel cheap? Holidays can cost a small fortune if you don’t know where to find cheap flights or great hotel deals which is why entering easy competitions like this one can mean the different between a great holiday and a GREAT holiday!

How do I enter? The only thing you need to do in order to enter is tell Radisson Blu why you should win. Get creative though because the competition will be fierce. Use photographs and video to support your claim to the prize and spread the word using social media. The entry with the most votes wins and will be announced on July 24th.

How it works:

  • Visitors to the Radisson website will vote for their favourite entry and the one with the most votes on July 24th will be the winner of 365 free nights at any Radisson Blu hotel.
  • You must be a citizen of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland  and over the age of 18 to enter but visitors from anywhere in the world to the Radisson Blu website can vote (only once a day though).
  • On top of the main prize, Radisson Blu will be giving away weekly Creativity Awards to up to 10 candidates with especially funny, original and creative entries. Winning this award will give your entry more visibility and hopefully more votes.
  • If you win, you will have 5 years to use up your 365 nights before they expire. You will stay in a standard double room. If you travel with friends or family you may also use your free nights to cover their stay.

If you need some inspiration or some ideas on how to spread the word about your entry, take a look at Radisson’s tips. Let it go viral on Facebook and Twitter, print a t-shirt, organize a flash-mob, write a song or make a video and post it on YouTube… The possibilities are endless!

Really, who wouldn’t want a chance to win the greatest holiday in the world? Tell us why you should win and what you’re planning for your entry! If you won, where would you go first?

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8 responses to “Win The Greatest Holiday in the World!

  1. Great entry! Learning languages is definitely part of travelling, hope you will so you can brush up on your English! Where would you go? UK, Canada, USA…?

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