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While the unrest in the Middle East and Northern Africa may feel world’s away if you’re planning to travel in teh near future then you’re going to be directly affected. How? Simple, airline fuel surcharges. Thomas Cook is the latest airline to hike their fees following the rising cost of oil.

The whole world is taking a hit by the rise in oil prices following the civil unrest first in Tunisia, then in Egypt, now Libya. Airlines are struggling to keep their costs low just as travellers are beginning to plan their summer holidays but as long as the unrest continues the way it has been since the New Year, it doesn’t look promising.

Thomas Cook has upped their fuel surcharges this week, an airline fee added before check-out in the usual long list of taxes, to £15 on short-haul flights, £25 on medium-haul flights and a whopping £40 on long-haul flights. Passengers can expect that most, if not all airlines, will be following in this tour operators footsteps. British Airways already upped their fuel surcharges in February.

While the tourism industry has taken a huge hit, the rise in flight prices certainly isn’t going to help these regions, many of whose economies depend on tourists, get back on their feet. While travel experts usually advice holding off buying your airline tickets, if you’re planning on crossing oceans this summer then the time to book is now, Pauline Frommer advised in an interview with MSNBC.

She says, “We have already seen four upticks in the price of airfare just in the last month and a half, so I say buy your airfares now. If oil goes higher there is no way the cost of tickets isn’t going to skyrocket.”

Travel is on the rise all over the world so far this year and with summer just a few months away now, here’s to hoping that the riots and protests on the other side of the Mediterranean cease and tourism can get back to normal.

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