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With summer around the corner, it’s time to start thinking seriously about where you’re going to spend your holidays this season and how you can get more, for less. Travellers heading to Greece, Turkey and Egypt for their summer holidays should be pleasantly surprised!

The Post Office has released its Holiday Costs Barometer for 2011, revealing that holiday travellers heading to Greece and Turkey will see that resort prices have dropped a whopping 10% from last year, that Dubai is cheaper than Egypt, Bulgaria is pushing Portugal out of it’s previously second-place spot but that Spain is still king of value for short-haul trips.

By taking the costs of 10 run-of-the-mill holiday purchases* ( from a cup of coffee to sunscreen) and comparing them against 14 popular holiday and resort destinations around the world, you can get a clue as to where to find the better savings. The full report can be seen on Which country is really the cheapest and where can you expect to get more for less this summer?


Corfu, Greece

While more pricey than Spain, Bulgaria and Portugal, travellers can expect much better deals this summer in Corfu than in previous years. Getting there is half the battle but with EasyJet, Germanwings and Thomson Airways offering flights to Corfu from London for less than £200, it’s not such a hassle. As the greenest of the Ionian Islands and a huge exporter in fresh vegetables and herbs, it’s only logical to cook up the local flavours and eat at home while on holiday in Corfu. Shop at the local market in the morning, spend your afternoons on the beach or exploring the island and head back to your apartment-style hotel to cook up something tasty. Don’t forget the olive oil and a bottle of local wine!



While not the cheapest destination overall, Turkey’s resort area of Marmaris is still cheaper than favourite spots closer to home like Cyprus, Croatia and even Sorrento, Italy. Flights to Turkey will set you back around £100 if you fly with EasyJet, Air Tanzania or Monarch Airlines. You can expect savings on hotels as well as eating out, a 3-course evening meal for two adults including a bottle of house wine costs an average £43. The town is unsuspectingly modern, famed for its yacht marina which draws in quite the upper class crowd. If you want to escape the buzz of Marmaris, simply hire a motorcycle or car and explore the peninsulas just outside of the city where pine-covered cliffs and turquoise waters await.



While Dubai may be the cheaper option than Egypt, who wouldn’t rather lay on the beaches of the Red Sea, just a jump away from famous Luxor? You’ll certainly save a bundle on air fare if you choose Egypt over the United Arab Emirates as your medium-haul destination thanks for low cost and charter airlines making the link from London, Manchester and even Birmingham to Hurghada, a resort city on the coast of the Red Sea. The public beach is, to say the least, disappointing so make sure you book accommodations at a resort with beach access. If not, you can use the resort beaches for anywhere from E£25 to E£75 a day. While getting a cold rink or a cup of coffee is cheap here,  you’re more likely to splurge on eating out.

*Price rankings are set by comparing the prices of these items: cup of coffee at a café, bottle of local beer, bottle of Coca-Cola, Bottle of still mineral water, suncream (factor 15), Postcard and stamp to UK, insect repellent, pack of Marlboro Lights cigarettes, English tabloid newspaper and a 3-course evening meal for 2 adults (including one bottle of house wine) at a local restaurant.
Imgs: corfu: mickpix / marmaris: mrusschen / hurghaba: dave_b_, Flickr, cc.


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  1. These are all beautiful destinations but I have to put my vote in for travelling to Turkey. Not only is it cost efficient for a holiday, but you get to experience wonderful Turkish food, hospitality, culture and the Mediterranean Sea!

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