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110 of the most beautiful beaches in Greece are now for sale for private purchase as the country tries to attract foreign investors to reduce national debt. The decision, however, will certainly impact tourism and the country’s heritage.

Have you always wanted to buy your own private beach? Well it seems that Greece’s financial difficulties may be a blessing in disguise. TAIPED, Greece’s privatisation agency, is putting 110 beaches up for sale with hopes of attracting foreign, including Russian and Qatari, investors to improve the country’s finances.

Paradise Lost

The new beach owners will acquire various assorted lots with a lease to use the property for 50 years. The beaches for sale include Myrto Beach on Kato Achaia, Vasiliki on Lefkada and Kalamitsi on Chalkidiki. If you want to explore these beautiful and wild beaches before they’re privatised, consider booking flights to Greece before the end of the summer season.

The Bay of Simos and Sarakino Beach, on the island of Elafonissos in the Peloponnese, are among the most beautiful natural sties in Greece. With white sand as fine as sugar and calm, shallow waters, this island is not only a paradise for holidaymakers but also locals.


This site also belongs to the European Natura 2000 reserve. But if everything goes as predicted by the Greek government, only the rich and wealthy will have access to these beautiful locations. A piece of land the size of about 17.5 hectares is on the list of properties for sale by the privatisation agency. It’s easy to image in that, within a few years, condominiums and hotels will be popping up there and the beach will only be accessible via these establishments.

The project faces a lot of challenges though, before it goes ahead. There is a lot of opposition within the country as many Greeks fear they won’t be able to reach their favourite spots anymore and also that their precious natural habitats are being destroyed by these real estate projects.

Imgs: Augusto Mia Battaglia photographie / Flickr cc.

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