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Swiss firm, Polarmod, have taken inspiration from spacesuits in order to create a design that gives a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Avid campers are well acquainted with the problems and trials that harsh weather can bring when camping. We’ve all been there, Man versus tent pegs, woman versus ground sheet; it can be a war zone and leave you wishing you booked a flight to Hawaii.

Swiss scientists designed the compact tent with efficiency in mind, they identified problems campers have with general tents: condensation, lack of insulation and they looked ‘outside the box’ for the solution.

Features such as a ‘sandwich construction’ for the insulation have been included to line the inside of the tent (similar to that used in spacesuits) and various other features that solve common problems associated with camping.

The all-in-one tent should be available to buy in March 2016. They have plans to develop their designs to hold multiple occupants.

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