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Wow air launches £99 transatlantic routes to Montreal and Toronto, going above and beyond offering only European budget flights.

A few airlines are fronting the movement, Norwegian, Europe’s third largest low-cost carrier was one of the first to begin its expansion into markets across the pound introducing routes to New York, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale.

The Canadian flights from Iceland’s WOW air will fly to Montreal and Toronto, they will operate from May next year and be scheduled four times a week.

The airline’s founder and CEO, Skuli Mogensen, “Today’s traveller in Europe or the US is very well educated when it comes to the budget model. It is not a surprise to them that they are charged for their bag or for the food onboard, that they have to take care of themselves on the website. People are very comfortable with that.”

IMG: Alec@B92 / Flickr cc.

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