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Calgary-born Mike Spencer Bown has finally reached the end of an era. Landing in Ireland, the Canadian traveller set foot in the Emerald Isles to finally explore the last country on his list. He’s been on the road travelling for 23 years and has seen it all!

On September 3rd, 2013 this Canadian vagabond wrote a simple but unreal status update on his Facebook wall,

I’ve got every country and region of Earth properly backpacked now, except one…. and I’m getting ready to do my last country, Ireland :o)

Imagine! Spencer Bown took off from Canada at the age of 21 and has decided to leave the beautiful country of Ireland for last on his 23 year-long journey around the world.

There are plenty of other travellers who have done RTW trips but few have made it to every country in the world, more than 190, depending on recognised borders. What’s more, this 44 year old traveller hasn’t just stopped at the airports but has actually spend a reasonable amount on time in each region to experience the food, cultures, traditions and locals.

He was determined to immerse himself in the cultures he met, not only to collect the stamps in his passport. He has lived, worked and made friends in every corner of the world and he is without a doubt one of the most travelled men on the planet. A little flick through is Facebook photos is enough to make any travel-lover more than a bit jealous!

Now he is busy exploring Ireland, and drinking plenty of Guinness along the way.

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