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According to The Atlantic, Americans currently pay 50% less than travellers did thirty years ago. This is the case of the USA but it’s also largely true for Europe and England. Let’s take a closer look.

The Atlantic points out in a recent article that when the hit song Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra came out, beating all other records on the charts, the vast majority of Americans had never been on an airplane. The reason is quite obvious: it was excessively expensive, a luxury reserved for very few. Check out this price evolution graph below.

Price evolution (per mile) from 1979 to 2011 (

Why is flying cheaper now?

There are two reasons why flight prices have dropped so dramatically:

  • Deregulation. The aviation sector was part of the State for many years. A nation airline provided domestic flight routes and international flights were negotiated between countries. That was it. The opening of the aviation industry for other airlines has spurred competitive pricing and has lowered fares drastically.
  • Search engines. Technology has also effected the price of flights, especially in the last decade. With internet as common as water in most homes and price comparison websites becoming the easiest way to find flights on the internet, prices have dramatically dropped because of competition between airlines and consumers having the power to choose.

Getting everyone up in the air for the cheapest price, that’s exactly what does!

Anything is possible, with Frank Sinatra…


Img: kimu / Flickr cc.

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