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There are a lot of trendy travel gadgets, clothing and tools out there for making travelling easier. But what about something to beat  the system and avoid paying overweight luggage fees? There seems to be only one clever answer out there and it comes in the form of a jacket made by Scottevest.

Scottevest created a lot of buzz recently, not because it designs ingenious clothing for travellers but because it tried to run an ad for the November issue of Delta Air Lines‘ in-flight magazine for their trendy and increasingly popular travel clothing line.

It was rejected, not because the giant American airline doesn’t like their clothing but because the message of the ad alluded to helping travellers get out of paying additional fees, something airlines rake in a large annual sum from.

The jacket in question is by far one of the coolest on the market and totally geared at travellers with… well, a lot of gear. With 24 pockets, it’s designed to hold everything from iPads, sunglasses, travel documents, passports, change, bottle of water, earphones, pens and a digital camera. Imagine you might not even have to check luggage (which is exactly what airlines are afraid of)!

The next time you’re looking for cheap flights, go low cost and with a jacket like this you’ll be able to carry your gear in an organized way without worrying about paying check-in luggage fees that many low cost airlines charge. Pretty cool isn’t it? Just about as cool as the other geeky travel gadgets we’ve featured previously on the blog.

Unfortunately for the time being Scottevest products are only available for order on-line in the USA.

Do you have a favourite travel gadget? Tell us about it!

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