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Everyone knows it. One of the most annoying things people do on planes is put their seat back in full recline for the entire trip. Luckily, there are companies out there looking out for the wellbeing of travellers. The Knee Defender will certainly get a lot of passengers excited!

It’s been a war on leg room ever since Economy Class started getting smaller… and smaller. It’s practically impossible for anyone over 5 foot 10 to sit comfortably on a Ryanair flight (that’s a fact. I’m 5’10”). The Knee Defender is here to change all that, essentially locking the seat in front of you and preventing it from reclining. It consists of two plastic clips which are placed at the top of either arm of the tray table and can be adjusted to allow a lot, a little or no recline.

This little gadget was invented by Ira Goldman, a 6’4″ travellers who was fed up with being “bashed in the knees over and over again.”

We think the best part about these two little clips is that they come with a courtesy card for the passengers in front of you that explains why exactly you’re using the Knee Defender. Brilliant!


Knee Defenders are also good for your health!

They didn’t just develop this product for tall guys and gals. It’s also to protect against Deep Vein Thrombosis.

DVT is also a concern when you fly, and Knee Defender™ can help you keep the airplane legroom space you need to do in-seat exercises while flying. Foot lifts and knee lifts are recommended to promote healthy blood flow to help protect against deep vein thrombosis. Sometimes called “economy class syndrome”, DVT involves a potentially dangerous blood clot that can develop in the leg.


Would you be comfortable using a device like this? 

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