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British Airways has introduced a mindfulness program for passengers to use in order to relax, and gain a more positive state of mind while they travel.

The program was launched on the new Airbus A380 service between London and San Francisco. The program was designed by Mark Coleman, the founder of the Mindfulness Institute in SF in collaboration with British Airways to create different mindfulness practises for pre-flight, mid-flight and pre-arrival.

Passengers can watch the videos onboard British Airway’s new aircraft but also online, at So what’s mindfulness all about? Mark Coleman explains,

“Embracing the spirit of travel involves living fully in the moment, which can be cultivated through mindfulness practice. The video series I created in partnership with British Airways will help travelers develop the clarity, calm and focus necessary to get the most out of their travel experiences.”

Will you be trying these mindfulness techniques on your next flight to San Francisco?

Img: bensonkua / Flickr cc.

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