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So, you think it’s cold in New York? Head further north and you’ll find a frozen-over Niagara Falls! An unusually cold winter has frozen parts of Niagara Falls, attracting even more tourists than usual, despite the -22°C conditions.

The ice pack around the Great Lakes has nearly doubled in the last week, with some lakes more than 85% iced over. For the first time in a really long time, Niagara Falls is pretty much frozen over too thanks to an unusually chilly winter in these parts of Canada and the US. The kicker is, tourists are flocking to the Falls to see it, braving the cold, the snow and the wind to see the Falls in all their wintery glory.

To say that it’s “frozen over” is an exaggeration. There is still water flowing underneath the ice and it’s not entirely uncommon for parts of the waterfall to ice over. There is only one recorded time when the water flow was stopped completely and that was in 1848 when an ice jam upriver caused the river to stop.



Planning flights to Toronto to see Niagara Falls? If you don’t know which side to visit, check out our guide to help you decide: Niagara Falls: America vs. Canada. Brrr… just looking at these photos is giving us the chills!

Imgs: Elvir K, chadcooperphotos / Flickr cc.

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