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British Airways’ newest video shows what it looks like from a pilot’s eye view to touch down at the airline’s newest destination: Funchal, Portugal.

Funchal, on the island of Madeira, is a beautiful spot that’s perfect for summer holidays but what it looks like to arrive for a passenger is very different from what it looks like to touch down for a pilot, so British Airways is giving us the insider’s look. The airport has one of the trickiest landings in the world. Pilots require special approval from the Portuguese aviation authority just to land there.

Pilots that will operate the three times a week flights to Funchal, departing from Gatwick Airport, had to undergo specialist training, including flight simulation that studied every aspect of the approach in great detail.

Here’s two of British Airways’ top pilots, Captain Ally Wilcox and Captain Ian Mills showing us exactly how it’s done.

Img: video screenshot

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