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Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure New Zealand campaign has been running for 16 years, making it the world’s longest running destination campaign and the latest update gives it a whole new life.

The latest update of the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign gives visitors a look at the range of the country’s attractions in a whole new way. It showcases the diverse range of experiences that travellers can have, as well as how easy they are to reach.

“Every day a different journey”

This is the new message of the campaign. It’s all about closeness and diversity, and how easy New Zealand’s landscapes and activities are to reach. An Auckland car hire is just about all you need down there, to get you from a scuba diving excursion in Abel Tasman National Park on the South Island to Lake Taupo on the North Island.

Music for the commercial is a special remix by the New Zealand band, The Naked and Famous, called Young Blood.

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