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A new augmented reality app will bring your British passport to life with a smartphone game triggered when pointed at the cover of a passport. Blippar has created a 3D plane that takes off and flies through the sky when travellers “blipp” the cover of their maroon-coloured passports.

This is the second time we’ve talked about passports in one week! But this time it’s a little more upbeat than what to do once you’ve lost one. Blippar augmented reality app has a new “blipp” that is certainly an entertaining and a great way to keep kids entertained at the boarding gate while waiting for your row to be called.

When the cover of a British passport is scanned using the Blippar app, a 3D plane will appear and take-off from a virtual runway on top of the passport cover. Once in the air, the plane can be navigated to a number of holiday-inspired games, packing checklists or a language centre where you can practise learning a new language. The “blipp” is installed with commonly used phrases with phonetic pronunciations in French, Spanish, Italian and Croatian.

From Blippar, Jess Butcher comments,

“With 14 million UK holidaymakers expected to go abroad this summer, we wanted to create something fun, informative and engaging that any person travelling abroad could use. Kids often get bored at the airport and we wanted parents to be able to concentrate on enjoying their holidays and having fun with their kids instead of being stressed out.”

Blippar, million of British parents with smartphones thank you.

Want to see how it works?

The Blippar app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Img: video screenshot

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