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Nothing seems too strange these days, including huge reptiles pulling Houdini stunts! Reports unfold now that a small passenger aeroplane crashed after a crocodile escaped a passenger’s carry-on luggage, killing a British pilot and 19 others.

A plane crashed August 25th but not due to mechanical failures or any other technological malfunctions on a routine passenger flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After investigation it is now known that the cause of the crash was a crocodile, smuggled on-board in a duffle bag by one of the passengers who had plans to sell it.

What that passenger didn’t account for was that the crocodile, mid-flight, escaped its container and rampaged through the cabin sparking chaos and panic.

Flight crew and passengers ran towards the front of the small plane in attempt to get away from the reptile, causing the plane to be thrown off-balance and crashing into a house just 100m from its destination, a regional airport near the capital city, Kinshasa.

There was one survivor (apart from the crocodile who also survived), able to tell investigators what really happened to cause the small Czech-made aircraft to crash despite the pilot’s efforts to regain balance.

This isn’t the first bit of strange news we’ve caught wind of. Just last July a man was arrested on a flight to Mexico for trying to smuggle 18 monkeys in his pants.

Wonder if this kind of thing is covered on the in-flight safety card?

Img: Fayes4art / flickr cc

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