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Where do Brits love to holiday? The results are in and it looks like British travellers still have a soft spot in their hearts for the Balearic Islands for trips close to home and Mexico for a long-haul holiday.

TUI Travel has been doing a little digging into the travel habits of holidaymakers in over a dozen countries, including Britain. Turns out that as Brits, we’re keen to find a good deal are among the countries who book their summer holidays the earliest. It’s no surprise that Swiss and German travellers also like to book their summer holidays early.

Summer’s top destination? Turkey, with Greece close behind.

Not for British travellers though, the Balearic Islands and Mexico topped the holiday charts this summer.

Balearic Islands


Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza… we love to love these islands and they’ve been seeing quite a few British faces this summer. Palma de Mallorca is where most arrive to a land of sea, sand and sun, top clubs, shops and pretty harbours. The food is typically Spanish with a strong emphasis on the catch of the day. Each island has it’s own draw but if you’re after parties and festival fun, Mallorca is the place to go when summer hits. For a quieter experience, Formentera is a treat but come July and August, this place fills up very quickly.

Take me to Mallorca!



It is no surprise that Mexico has topped the list for British travellers heading out on long-haul holidays. The food, culture and sights are enough to fill any ten day trip (the average length of a Brit’s summer holiday). While Cancun and Acapulco may be most popular for beaches and resorts, inland there are so many beautiful colonial towns to discover. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and then there’s the region of Oxaca, famous for its black pottery.

Take me to Cancun!

Where would you like to go? Where did you spend your summer holidays?

Imgs: adpowers, paraflyer / Flickr cc.

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