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The sun has been shining brilliantly this summer and the beach may feel like its miles away, you actually don’t need to venture further afield than Camden station. Flip flops on, beach towel down, margarita in hand, Camden Beach is officially open for the season!

A trip to the beach these days doesn’t take a train to Bournemouth, you can find a sandy shore right here in London. Roundhouse has brought back the ever-popular Camden Beach this year and is located right in the heart of North London. The sandy bar may not front the sea but there is plenty of space to laze about. 900 square metres of soft, golden sand await!



A beach holiday, in the heart of London

Stay-cation to the max! If you’re a desk slave this August because everyone else in the office is away on holidays, don’t worry. You can still get a little beach action this month and all your followers on Instagram needn’t know that you haven’t even left the city.

Roundhouse have gotten the whole beach-vibe down to a science: deck chairs, beach beds, ping-pong, live music and even some of our favourite pier attractions from the coast! Beach-side grub hasn’t been overlooked either. Tuck into steaks, burgers and fresh fried fish at the Tiki Hut and refill your cocktail glass as the beach bar too!

The beach won’t be around forever though. Camden Beach is only open till August 24th so get your swim shorts on and head over before the sand, all 150 tonnes of it, gets packed up for fall.

Have you already been down to Camden Beach this summer? Share your pics!

Imgs: Matt from London / Flickr cc.

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