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Enjoyed your visit to Montreal and Quebec City? Now it’s time to see some whales! We’re heading north along the St. Lawrence River by car and then ferry to see if we can spot some whales in the estuary.

If you want the most freedom on your trip, get yourself a car hire from Montreal (or Quebec City). Your road trip along the northern shore of the St. Lawrence River will be unforgettable so you’ll want the possibility to stop along the way when someone sparks your interest. On the first part of the trip there is little chance of spotting whales from the mainland but the scenery is really stunning. The lakes, forests and rivers are all glorious, especially at this time of the year. It’s nothing like you’d find in Europe.

Tadoussac: where the adventure really begins

Around 220 km along the way you’ll arrive in Tadoussac. It’s a small town with only a few thousand inhabitants but one of the most beautiful in the province. Tadoussac is known for its music festival every June but it’s also the best place to start your whale adventure. The town is located right where the St. Lawrence meets the Saguenay River. For some reasons the whales love this area so it’s prime whale-watching territory.

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Centre d’interprétation des mammifères marins: A trip to the town’s main museum is a must and offers a ton of information on the whales that can be seen in the area. As soon as you walk in you are confronted with a 13-metre long skeleton whale! Listen to whale songs and check out the day to day reports on whale sightings.

  • Official site CIMM
  • Address: 108, rue de la Cale-Sèche, Tadoussac (Québec)

Watch from the coast: From Tadoussac the highway runs for 1,000 km along the shore of the river with plenty of opportunities to spot whales while you’re driving. Just make sure you have a pair of binoculars so you can stop and get a closer look. You can even cross the estuary by ferry (with your car), a great opportunity to explore the southern region of Gaspésie.


Out at sea on a boat or in a…: If you want a closer look at the whales, why not go out onto the water in kayak? There are plenty of tours leaving from Tadoussac. It can be on the expensive side but the experience is unforgettable.


There they are!

Take a look at this video. The images are amazing, and the music too! The sounds of Icelandic band Sigus Ros accompany the whales perfectly.

Want to whale-watch somewhere more exotic? Try it in Maui!

 Imgs: Micdes 2013,  idirectorijeanpierelavoie / Flickr cc.

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