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Travel and culture are inseparable. After Tallinn and Turku in 2011, Guimarães and Maribor in 2012, it’s time to pass the Cultural Capital torch on to the next two cities. The honour falls on France’s Marseille in Provence and Kosice in Slovakia.

A day in the celebrations of Marseille


100 million Euros have been spent to throw the biggest year-long party Marseille has ever seen, celebrating the best culture this city has to offer. Over the next twelve months Marseille will be rockin’ with impressive cultural showcases, exhibitions, performances and much, much more.

Flights to Marseille

Kosice: Europe’s other cultural capital

Kosice’s challenge: to show Europe there’s more to this city than its industrial past. This city is a springboard for culture between its abandoned industrial complexes, swimming pools and even barracks. An example? An old tobacco factory has recently been turned into a concert hall. With a limited budget, this city has transformed with maximum creativity with more than 300 events on the agenda, not bad!

Flights to Kosice

Speaking of getting creative, check out this video below to get a glimpse at what you can expect to see and experience in Kosice.

Have you ever visited a European Cultural Capital?

Imgs: official sites for Marseille and Kosice 2013

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