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India’s Holi Festival is one of the most remarkable celebrations in the world. The streets and the people are covered head to toe in colour of every pigment in the rainbow. It’s a photographer’s dream and should be a must-experience festival on every traveller’s list.

India, in every colour of the rainbow

While we generally advise to book flight tickets to long-haul destinations around six months in advance, how can you say no to the chance to experience India’s incredible Holi Colour Festival when flights are only £437 (return, taxes and fees included)? Flights take-off from London and land in Delhi for travel March 25th to April 3rd, 2013.

Get your colours ready

Holi celebrates the coming of spring and is a farewell to winter, welcoming spring’s lovely new colours. During the festival, locals and foreigners alike throw coloured powder and celebrate wildly day and night with bonfires and parties. There is food, there is dancing, there is music… what more could you ask for?

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Where you celebrate this annual festival really depends on what kind of exeperience you’re after. For a very traditional Holi, head to Mathura or Vrindavan where the celebrations last an impressive 40 days. During the days leading up to the main festival, street theatre is put on and dancers depict Krishna flirting with the village girls.

Delhi is where you’ll want to be for a more modern Holi celebration. It’s rowdy so be prepared. Paharganj is where it all goes down and no one gets away with taking to the streets without getting covered in colour. Get yourself tickets to the Holi Cow festival outside the city for bhang lassis, amazing street food, non-toxic colours, sprinklers and amazing DJ sets.

Have you experienced the Holi festival before? Is it on your bucket list? 

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