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From Crete to Trinidad and Tobago and just about everywhere in between, CNN has just released their list for the top 100 beaches in the world. Is the list complete? By no means but it certainly gives us an idea where to spend the upcoming summer holidays.

Everyone loves lists. We want to know about the best of the best because who wants to spend 10 days of their precious summer holidays in Italy (or anywhere!) lazing about on a second-rate beach? We don’t but of course it’s a difficult task to create definitive list of the best. Everyone is different and some of us do prefer the pebbly and rocky to the sandy, the clear lake water to the salty sea, the backdrop of mountains and pines to the backdrop of palms…

Hip, hot and cool: a handful of the world’s best beaches

World’s top 10 beaches, according to CNN

10. Palaui Island – Philippines

Why you should visit: white sand, volcanic rock, coral gardens, beach-side camping and remoteness.

9. Champagne Beach – Vanuatu

Why you should visit: at low tide the water fizzes so it’s really like swimming in bubbly as gas escapes from volcanic rocks on the bottom of the sea.


8. Matira Beach – Tahiti

Why you should visit: Bora Bora is hugely popular and aside from the beach you can also feed sharks and hunt for black water pearls.

7. Wineglass Bay – Tasmania

Why you should visit: pink granite and green hills surround the beach in Freycinet National Park where you can also hike, snorkel, kayak and boat.


6. Cabbage Beach – Bahamas

Why you should visit: don’t let the name spoil this beach just be careful of the undercurrents when swimming.

5. Anse de Grande Saline – St. Barths

Why you should visit: if you’re a naturalist at heart then this is a great beach for you, plus the marshes nearby attract hundreds of types of tropical birds.

4. Anse Source d’Argent – Seychelles

Why you should visit: coral reefs keep water calm for snorkellers, the water is crystal clear and the sand soft and pink. This beach on La Digue is one of the most photographed in the world.

3. Grace Bay – Turks and Caicos Islands

Why you should visit: there may be a lot of tourists here in high season but the coral reef, marine wildlife and beach-side restaurants are worth it.

2. Rabbit Beach – Italy

Why you should visit: closer to home, Lampedusa’s white cliffs, blue waters and desert-dry landscape will impress. This area is also a popular play ground for dolphins.


1. Grande Anse Beach – Seychelles

Why you should visit: hard to get to but totally worth it, especially if you love to surf.

Do you agree with the beaches on the list? What’s your favourite beach to visit?

Imgs: carawah, 4nitsirk, ItaliaABC / Flickr cc.

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