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Virgin Atlantic’s flight stewardesses were recently named the sexiest airline hostesses in the sky. They have a right, if only just once, to make fun of their passengers a little… it’s hard to believe that these are real requests made by real passengers.

These stories were collected as a result of a survey which was filled out by more than 3000 members of Virgin’s flight crew.

According to the airline’s stewards and stewardesses, the most common idiotic requests are “Can you open the window?” and “Where are the showers?”

Others include passengers asking if the turbulence can be stopped, or at least the engine cut because it makes so much noise. Stupidity or just plain annoying?

One last thing, someone did request a massage for their Barbie doll (and this person was older than 18).

Top requests made by the world’s stupidest passengers

  • Can you open the window?
  • Where are the showers?
  • Can I have a cup of tea and book a massage for my Barbie doll?
  • Could you please take my child to the playground?
  • I lost my contact lens, can you help me find it?
  • Can you cut the motor, it’s so loud in here?
  • Is there a McDonald’s on-board?
  • Can you ask the captain to stop the turbulence?

Alongside the flight stewardesses, Virgin Atlantic’s ticketing agents were also surveyed. They also had their own stories to tell, a couple of them real gems. “How long is a three hour flight?”, “What is the capital of Europe?”, “My passport is expired, can I get a new one once I’m in London?”…and the list goes on.

Img: Virgin Atlantic

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