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New research shows that visiting heritage sites really does make you happier than playing sports or viewing art at a museum or gallery, at least according to English Heritage.

English Heritage has released a study that is suggesting visiting historic towns and archaeological remains increases personal wellbeing, much more than a circuit through an art gallery or an afternoon playing golf does. The study measured the value of visiting eight different types of heritage site: from places of worship to historic towns, industrial buildings to archaeological sites. They found that the ones that had the greatest impact on a person were the historic towns and buildings.

An impressive 73% of adults, and 69% of children visiting historic sites in 2013. The survey also shows that most people who had seen investment and regeneration of their local historic site or environment thought it improved the area and also boosted local pride.

As for the chairman of English Heritage, Sir Laurie Magnus, he’s delighted that Britain agrees with him,

“England’s historic environment is a great force for good. It enhances the quality of our surroundings, provides employment, helps underpin our national identity and generally lifts our spirits.”

So if you feel the winter blues hitting you hard, don’t be tempted by flights to Ibiza, just visit an historic site near you! …or both!

Img: maurizio_costanzo / Flickr cc.

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