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Which country smells the best? Heathrow Airport wants to find out with their new Scent Globe, giving passengers the chance to smell their destinations before they arrive.

Our sense of smell is strongly rooted in our memories. Fragrances, both good and bad, can help create some of our most vivid memories from holidays abroad and different experiences from our childhood. This is what London Heathrow Airport had in mind when it designed its “Scent Globe” which has captured the smells of countries all over the world.

The Globe is located in Terminal 2 and offers the scents of five nations: Brazil, China, Japan, South Africa and Thailand. So what do these countries smell like? South Africa is a mix of tribal incense and wild grass, Brazil’s scent captures its rain forests and coffee, Japan features seaweed and green tea, China’s scent is a mystical temple incense while Thailand’s smell is a tempting mix of lemongrass, ginger and coconut.

Which of these smells would tempt you to book a flight? A flight to Bangkok to experience the smell of Thailand certainly does sound nice!

Img: joanet / Flickr cc.


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