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According to the Daily Mail, “easyJet is preparing to do what Napoleon never managed: go to Moscow.” It’s not that easy though. easyJet’s fleet is ready to head to Moscow but the airline still hasn’t received permission to take off. 

The new routes from London Gatwick and Manchester to Moscow have certainly created a lot of buzz among travellers, even among business travellers from across the country. Finally, a low cost link to the Russian capital! Previously the route has been dominated by two big players: British Airways and Aeroflot. With easyJet in the mix, a Russian adventure would be accessible at a much lower price-point. Except… it’s not that easy.

The first daily flights from London Gatwick Airport bound for Moscow-Domodedovo are planned to take-off on March 18th. Flights from Manchester are planned to take-off ten days later. While easyJet has been selling seats on the flights for months now, the flights are not actually confirmed at all says Air-Journal.


Russian aviation authorities would like to remind easyJet that they have yet to secure permission to land at one of Moscow’s busiest airports, Domodedovo. This came to light recently despite the fact that the low cost airline has been selling the flights tickets since mid-January. To present, the British airline has not provided all the necessary documents. Russian authorities are also worried about unfair competition for its two airlines, Aeroflot and Transaero, as easyJet offers significantly lower rates.


easyJet confirmed they “had a very good meeting with in Moscow recently and is working with them to finalise all the necessary arrangements.” They went on to say they are looking forward to launching the flights as planned.

Still hoping for a spring visit to Moscow? As long as easyJet gets the permissions they need, take off in April from London Gatwick for £120 (return, taxes included) for travel April 12th to 17th, 2013.

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