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Remember the days when you could bring your baggage onboard easyJet flights as long as it was within certain dimensions? Those days are gone.

easyJet is no longer making any promises that smaller hand luggage will be stored in the cabin.

The two-tier cabin baggage policy used to give passengers the guarantee that their luggage would travel with them as long as it fell within the specified dimensions of 50 x 40 x 20cm. Now, with that guarantee gone, passengers now face the inconvenience of possibly having their hand luggage placed in the hold.

While the airline won’t charge passengers for this, it does mean they’ll have to wait at the luggage carousel for their bags instead of being able to exit the airport right away. It also means they’ll be without some of their “travel essentials” during the flight as they won’t have any luggage travelling with them.

Do you think easyJet should have kept their 2-tier cabin baggage policy?

Img: travelstar / Flickr cc.

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