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Heathrow Airport has had to give up its title as the busiest airport in the world as the honour now belongs to Dubai International Airport. The Middle-Eastern airport welcomed 68.9 million international passengers in 2014 compared to 67.8 million at LHR.

The numbers came in on December 22nd, just before the big Christmas travel rush but Dubai Airport executives are thrilled with the news. Here’s what Paul Griffiths, chief exec, told The National,

“Given the traffic achieved in the first 11 months, together with some of the busiest days on record in December, we are confident of ending the year above the 70 million mark and confirming our position as the world’s busiest international airport. Looking forward to 2015, the prospects remain exceedingly bright and we expect to maintain the growth achieved this year in the next 12 months.”

Dubai enjoyed record passenger numbers, despite only a single runway being in use for 80 days of the year due to refurbishment to the airport. Well done Dubai! Here’s to a very busy year ahead as more and more passengers book flights to Dubai.

Img: elisasophia / Flickr cc.

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