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We’re on a bit of a food kick this week after yesterday’s post on strange foods in strange lands. There’s no denying that some cities are better known for their gastronomy than others. There’s also no denying that some cities are a lot cheaper to visit than others. Here are four foodie cities that are easy on the budget.

Bergen – Norway


Since medieval times Bergen has been an important port city for maritime trade. Today it’s the best place in Norway to find fresh seafood, straight off the boats. You’ll find everything from monkfish to lutefisk and cod on the menus of the local restaurants. It’s easy to fall in love with Bergen’s colourful wooden warehouses, giving the city a classic Scandinavian feel. Find the freshest fish at the outdoor Fish Market near the harbour. Prawn baguettes and fish cakes, anyone?

Best foodie souvenir: vacuum-sealed salmon (farmed or wild), which won’t turn any heads at airport security

Oxford – UK


Uk cuisine is having a major renaissance which is worth checking out. Pub food has never tasted so good and what better place to tuck in than Oxford? One great thing about Oxford is that there are so many students, which means there are also a lot of budget eats. While there are great farmer’s markets around the city, the best is the 18th century covered market in the town centre. Don’t skip the cheese shop, where you’ll find samplings of Oxford Blue. For a pint, try a place called the Bear Inn, a 769 year old pub.

Best foodie souvenir: Oxford Blue cheese

Riga – Latvia


It was easy to include Riga on this list as it’s home to one of the largest open-air food markets in all of Europe and is also one of the cheapest cities to visit on the Continent. With both Slav and German influences on the food here, you can bet to find a good share of pork, cabbage and potatoes on the menus. Why not try blood sausage, called asinsdesa, or herring, Latvia’s national dish? Riga’s Central Market is an UNESCO site and today houses 3,000+ food stalls, a must visit!

Best foodie souvenir: Jāņu siers, cheese with caraway seeds

San Sebastian – Spain

San Sebastian

Location is everything and San Sebastian, being nestled right on the south side of the Bay of Biscay in the heart of Catalonia brings the best of two food traditions together. San Sebastian’s pintxos bars will drive your taste buds mad while on holidays in Spain! With tasters of baby squid, anchovies, crab… seafood with a Spanish twist is king here. You can be sure you’ll find some of the world’s greatest chefs here as San Sebastian has the most Michelin stars per capita than any other city in the world!

Best foodie souvenir: Jamón Ibérica, a typical dried pork

What are your favourite foodie cities to visit?

Imgs: uncle-leo, hugo pardo kuklinski, ishmaeldaro, carlosmatilla / Flickr cc.

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