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Is the best part of marriage the honeymoon? For some, it’s just another reason to travel and if you ask us, any reason to travel is a good reason to travel! If you’re tying the knot and need a little destination inspiration, here you have it!

This week’s #TTOT session was all about honeymoons. We’ve collected some of the best ideas and recommendations for honeymoon destinations.

Q1 via @T_W_O: What destination have you visited that you would recommend for a honeymoon?


@SandiMcKenna: Hawaii … absolutely beautiful AND very romantic.

@kitwhelan: Paris might be cliche as the city of love, but it’s true!

@travelmammal: Rhodes, Greece! Southeast and glorious!

‏@MarinaLMaxwell: Rome or Paris. Cliche, I know, but cliche for a reason!



‏@traveldudes: It should be special! A safari in Tanzania would fit great. Adventurous & special!

@packsandbunks: Probably Fiji or Sri Lanka.

@mrsoaroundworld: Moorea, French Polynesia.

@HTGlobe: Peru is a great place for an adventurous couple on a honeymoon. It has a little bit of everything to offer.

‏@MinaMahrous: Walk el Camino de Santiago. Stats say that many couples break up during/after the walk, but those who don’t live happily ever after.



@MalloryOnTravel: A recent visit to Essouira in Morocco seemed about right, beach, medina, souks and port to explore, restaurants and bars.

‏@itravel81: Kerala is rather nice. So is Rajasthan and Prague. How about Lincou in the south of France?

‏@lethers: Taking a river cruise down the Danube or Rhine is very romantic.

@WorkMomTravels: #Venice. It’s mystical, beautiful, and completely romantic!

@BurnsTammy: Iceland. You can cuddle in the cold and watch the northern lights.


Las Vegas

‏@CumbrianRambler: Barrow-in-Furness an unlikely choice but has some fab views nearby.

@MikeDJeremy: HoneyMoon destinations: I am so unqualified to answer this. All I could think of was #LasVegas. “Easy come, easy go”

@MyDestination: Abaco in the Bahamas for beach dwellers, Alberta for actiony adventurous types, and all of Vietnam for something different.

Where did you go or where would you go for your honeymoon?

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Imgs: David Boyle, *christopher*, thiane, bethany.hatch / Flickr cc.

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