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Two words: SHARK WEEK. These mighty creatures are fascinating so why not get up close and person with them? There are so many opportunities to cage dive and even free dive with sharks all over the world. Hammerheads, whale, basking and even … here are the best places to swim with sharks.

Swim with Great white sharks



South Africa is the Great White shark capital of the world. It’s the best place to swim with these amazing creatures. For shark swimming adventures, head to Gansbaai, a fishing village not far from Cape Town. The mainland is a popular basking place for seals which attract the sharks. If you swim in a cage, it will likely be dropped in a place called Shark Alley. Alternatively you can shark dive in False Bay, also in South Africa.

Swim with hammerhead sharks



Hammerheads are the easiest sharks to spot in the water for their unusually shaped heads. They can be found in a few different areas around the world. Holidays in the Galapagos Islands are the perfect setting to see them in their element. Costa Rica’s Cocos Island is also a popular spot for scuba divers to get up close and personal with these creatures. Other spots: Sharm el Sheikh in Egype and Palau in the Pacific Islands.

Swim with basking sharks



For a sharky experience closer to home, get your scuba mask on and head to Cornwall. These gentle giants can be found off the western coast of England in the warmer waters of the Atlantic. They may look menacing with their huge gaping mouths but they’re only trying to catch plankton, not bite your legs off. They are safe to swim with, just don’t get too close because the force of their tail, if it swipes you, could cause serious damage. These beasts can grow as big as 7m long.

Swim with whale sharks



Whale sharks are the largest species of sharks in the world and the most gentle. While you can swim with whale sharks in the Galapagos Islands and the Maldives, the best place to see them is the Palau Shark Sanctuary in the Pacific Islands. It is the world’s first shark sanctuary and a very worthy place to support if you really want to swim with sharks.

 Have you ever swam with sharks? Would you do it?

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