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We realize it’s a bit early to talk about Christmas but if you’re planning to get away for the winter holidays then it’s time to start planning now. Sydney is always a good choice, just in time for the Aussie summer.

Christmas like an Aussie

Christmas and summer? Sounds like the perfect combination. It’s no wonder more and more Brits are trading their boots and mitts for surf lessons on Bondi Beach. To get the best deals on Christmas breaks, it pays to book early. The holiday prices you see now won’t be getting any cheaper so why not snag this flight at £672 for travel from London to Sydney with China East Airways for the Christmas and New Year’s break?

Bondi Beach

The City of Sydney doesn’t skimp on public programming at Christmas time. Public concerts and tree lighting are just the beginning. On Christmas Day Bondi Beach is the place to be for Sunburnt Christmas with live DJ sets and an excellent party. For those that really want to get into the spirit of the season, there is carol singing in front of Town Hall. Boxing Day, head to the Harbour to catch the Hobart Yacht Race, a tradition that has been going on for over half a century.

Have you started thinking about Christmas holidays yet?

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