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In an attempt to keep a reign on its misbehaving nationals, China has published a fully illustrated 64-page booklet called “Guidebook for Civilised Tourism.” It includes a very thorough list of do’s and don’ts for Chinese tourists to follow when travelling at home and abroad.

It wasn’t enough that China begged its national to behave while abroad last spring. The original leaflet was published in May after a Chinese teen vandalised some ancient Egyptian ruins by carving his name in to the Luxor Temple and appears to not have made its point. China’s National Tourism Administration has now published a full 64-page “Guidebook for Civilised Tourism” to help Chinese nationals while travelling abroad.

It’s fully illustrated too, in case there are any uncertainties about the do’s and don’ts in the booklet.

The Chinese Vice Premier has said that the “uncivilised behaviour” of Chinese tourist abroad is “damaging the image of the Chinese people.” Tips inside the book include things like not picking one’s nose in public, keeping nose hairs neatly trimmed and if the need to pick at one’s teeth does arise, not to use one’s fingers but rather a toothpick.

Slurping noodles in public is a big no-no.

Chinese tourists are also advised not to occupy public toilets for long periods of time or to leave footprints on toilet seats. It is also advised not to wee in public swimming pools. The booklet goes on to say that lifejackets on airplanes are not souvenirs as some Chinese tourists may believe. They should be left under the seat in case of emergency.

As for country-specific tips, these stood out:

  • When in Germany, only snap one’s fingers to beckon a dog, never a human.
  • When in Spain, women should always wear earrings out in public.
  • When in Japan, never fuss with one’s hair or clothes while eating.
  • When in Italy, never give a handkerchief as a gift. It is considered inauspicious.

What do you consider to be good tourist etiquette?

Imgs: wootang01, MLazarevski / Flickr cc.

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