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Teeter-tottering your way to Turkey this spring? Make sure you don’t leave home without your e-visa. It’ll be mandatory from April and will permanently replace the stamps and stickers we’re used to buying upon arrival at immigration control.

The digital documents are already available but from April 10th, 2014 they will totally replace the stamp-type visas which you currently can purchase after you debark your flight to Turkey.

New Turkish e-visas will allow tourists multiple entries and will be valid for 90 days. They cost £13, payable online by either debit card or credit card. This is only slightly more expensive than the stamps are now but credit card and currency exchange fees could push the price up still.

Turkey’s tourism board advises travellers to only purchase e-visas through and to avoid any unauthorised sites which charge additional application fees. There are already a dozen sites online which promise to help tourists receive a Turkish e-visas for additional service charges. Steer clear!

The new system will no doubt eliminate that lengthy queue at the airport when all you want to do is head for the Istanbul souks or the beaches on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. The application is simple as well. All it requires are your passport details and if successful, a link will be emailed to you where you can download your visa. Then all you need to do is print it out, show it when you arrive and you’re on your way to enjoying a stress free Turkish holiday.

How far in advance should you apply?

This is probably the most common question for travellers. You can apply for an e-visa as late as 24 hours before your trip to Turkey but to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to apply for your visa at least a week before you fly.

Simple, right?

Img: blieusong / Flickr cc.

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