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There’s no denying that Game of Thrones is exploding in popularity and it’s putting Dubrovnik on the tourist map again as visitors flock to the ancient city to explore King’s Landing and Qarth with their own eyes. Here’s your guide to Dubrovnik for Game of Thrones fans.

Game of Thrones, if you’re not familiar, is a program adapted from the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin which follow the epic and fantastical story of several noble families who wage war against each other to win the Seven Kingdom’s Iron Throne in the mythical realm of Westeros and Essos. The series was filmed across Europe including destinations like Morocco, Northern Ireland and Malta but Dubrovnik is the official home of King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms world.


Filming locations in Dubrovnik

Fort Lovrijenac – this place was used to film many a battle scene throughout the series so far and is the best place to start your Game of Thrones walking tour. This 11th century castle will surely enchant. Don’t miss the views of Blackwater Bay from the fort.

City Walls – remember when the city was attacked by the Baratheons in the first series? You can climb those exact city walls and relive the experience, without all the blood and gore of course.

Island of Lokrum – just 600m off the coast from Dubrovnik, Lokrum is world’s away in Game of Thrones. This idyllic isle is the setting for Qarth. The island’s Franciscan monastery is a must-visit while you’re here. Some scenes were shot here but the monastery has it’s own story to tell…


Rector’s Palace – situated right in the UNESCO-protected Old Town is the Rector’s Palace. It was the seat of hte Rector of the Republic of Regusa from the 14th to the 18th centuries. Do you recognise parts of it as Qarth? The palace museum has been operating since 1872!

St. Dominic Street – at least one scene is shot on this historic street in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Remember the scene with Gold Cloaks? You can certainly imagine yourself transported to another mythical world when you wander around these streets in this area.


Insider’s tip: Plan flights to Dubrovnik in September and you may even run into a cast member or two as the crew returns to Dubrovnik to film the fourth series.

Have you been to Dubrovnik? Are you a fan of the show? What’s your favourite part of the series so far?

Imgs: son of groucho, trash hartmann, graciepix / Flickr cc.

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