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The Traveller’s Blog has been nominated to take part in a travel blogging initiative called, My 7 Links. It’s a great excuse to dig through the archives and pull out some of our all-time favourite posts, just in case you missed them! Thanks Nicole from Woman Seeks World for the invite, here we go!

The most beautiful post

Time to go… to the Italian seaside

Italy: Sardinia

This post is full of photographs, so it was an easy pick for the most beautiful post. Italy’s many and definitely varied coastlines make it undeniably one of the best destinations in Europe for a beach holiday. Campania is the best place to combine two loves into one: beaches and pizza. Puglia, at the heel, is so relaxed you might think that the locals are on holidays too. Head to the islands, Sardinia and Sicily always have something good on offer.

The most popular post

The most ridiculous laws around the world

no durians

Some of the laws in this post are totally outdated, but can still be found in municipal rule books while others are just totally crazy. Really, last year France finally took out a law that essentially forbade women from wearing pants or trousers in Paris. The USA has some pretty outlandish ones as well!

The most controversial post

Top 10 most dangerous places to travel


To some the level of danger in these destinations is subjective. Of course, there are some parts of these countries which are very safe for foreign travellers but the reality is that there are also parts of these countries which are not places to write home about. Civil war, gangs, drug crimes and terrorism are just the beginning of the problems these 10 countries are facing. Do you agree/disagree with the choices?

The most helpful post

How to find free wifi in Europe


Who doesn’t need wifi these days when travelling? Rather then raking up the roaming fees and eating up your precious data plan at all one time, seek out the free wifi spots in these popular European capitals the next time you’re on the road.

The post whose success surprised you

Man caught smuggling 18 monkeys under his clothes in Mexico

Red titi

Strange and weird travel news stories never cease to grab reader’s attention but this post literally exploded (and most unexpectedly)! Week after week it continues to be one of the most popular posts on the Traveller’s Blog. The story itself if quite sad though. An animal smuggler is caught at Mexico City Airport because of some mysterious bulges below the belt. Turns out he was trying to smuggle 18 endangered monkeys out of the country… likely to sell on the black market.

The post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Taking Turkey one World Heritage site at a time

Nemrut Dag

While it sounds very cliché, there’s actually no place like Turkey. Its rich history and culture, sitting somewhere on the line between Asia and Europe, the contrasts and overwhelming sensory experiences… Turkey has 7 UNESCO World Heritage site, each uncovering an important place and time in the country’s history. Scattered around the country, making a tour of all of them would give any travellers a very comprehensive impression of the country. The most mysterious… Nemrut Dag.

The post that you are most proud of

10 tips on how to hitchhike safely and effectively


Many of the tips in this article were drawn from extensive personal experience… tips every first-time hitchhiker should know before sticking their thumb out on the side of the road for a ride. With a little common sense, hitchhiking can be a safe and very adventurous way to get around!

The last task for “My 7 Links” is to nominate 5 bloggers to also participate. Here are our choices:

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