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Christmas is arriving at rapid speed and it’s just about time to start the annual shopping trips that we either love or loathe. The malls are packed and the radio plays holiday tunes 24/7. Looking for the perfect gift for the traveller on your list? These are sure to please.

The gift of low cost

It’s hard these days to actually buy an airline ticket for someone else, unless you know their exact travel dates. So why not give them a gift certificate? Vueling has no additional charges for the redemption of a gift card (while Ryanair charges £4 processing fee). Vueling gift certificate, from 20-150€ from While you’re at it, check out their hot holiday deals!


A great idea but choose well! It’s better to choose something simple and easy-to-use, like a cheap stay in a Wales hunting lodge. Warning: Many Smartbox experiences have turned sour, so always check into the quality of the service, what it entails, etc. before buying. User reviews are gold for information. Also make sure the box is flexible on travel dates. Unusual Escapes from Smartbox from £99.98 online.

Fashion Travel Guides

Did you know that Louis Vuitton has been publishing travel guides for almost 10 years? This is a pretty and pricey gift idea that will forever change the term “backpacker’s guides”. We recommend Europe City Guides: 30 low cost cities are covered with more than 7000 places to check out. Louis Vuitton European Cities 2011, £88 from

iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

Portable Apple tools are just one way to make getting around that much easier. They’re becoming indispensable among tech-savvy travellers. Read e-mails on the go, look up transport timetables, stay connected and reference maps quickly when you’re lost. There are hundreds of apps designed for travellers, such as liligo for iPhone and iPad. iPod, iPhone, iPad starting from £189 on

Moleskin Guides

Real travellers love toting around these black bound notebooks to record every adventure. Offer the traveller on your list a small supply of notebooks. We suggest the “city guide” series which tell the story of a city, available for dozens of major destinations worldwide like Paris, London and New York. Moleskin City, £12.50 on

Sigg bottle

Hikers and backpackers alike know the importance of having water easily accessible on the go which is why we love Sigg stainless steel bottles so much. Make it fun with Sigg’s design bottles, still made with Swiss quality but with fun and colourful exteriors. Like this one featuring a drawing by Keith Haring. Many other colours/designs/styles available. Sigg bottle, 1.0L for £17 from


Avid photographer or not, every traveller with a digi cam should get one of these easy to use tripods. With three-arm flexibility, this tripod can grip and stand just about anywhere in the world. Take a photograph from a tree or use it to stabilize your camera in low-light conditions. Available in a range of sizes to accommodate different camera sizes. Gorillapod, for £19.95 from

What are you buying the traveller on your list for Christmas?

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One response to “Gifts for under every traveller’s tree this Christmas

  1. First the bad news: I hate that Google advert thingy underneath the intro.

    All the rest is good news!!! 🙂

    Great post.

    The first one will be defo an idea which I will follow up. I want to give my bro and mum a trip to BCN for this Christmas! I had no idea this was possible with Vueling. And it will add more miles to my Iberia Plus card 😛

    Smartboxes are a cool idea, but as you said you should be careful, because once my bf and me got one and we never used it, because all the hotels included (was worth 3 night at a European hotel), were really off-track and it weas more expensive to get there than to pay for a cheap place ourself in a better placed hotel.

    “Wow” about Lv thing. Can't believe it is actually possible to use “low cost” and “Louis Vuitton” in the same paragraph! 🙂

    And I adore: Moleskin, Sigg (bless its nationality :P), and i-whatever. 🙂 Tipod is a great suggestion as well.

    Keep the creativity going!!

    Saludos desde Barcelona! 🙂

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