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Trains, planes and auto-mobiles… are they overrated? In some countries there are more options than just the cheap flights we’re used to. Some are brilliant, some strange, while others are completely ridiculous. Have you ever used one of these funny modes of transportation?


Either motorised, powered by bike or even by foot, these three-wheeled vehicles are popular across Asia from Bangladesh to Thailand and even in parts of Africa. They can get you from point A to point B at a speed of around 50km/h, not bad for a little tuk-tuk. Tip: negotiate the fare before you get in, don’t be caught by a driver saying, “the metre wasn’t running…”

Dog sled

When travelling over ice and snow, there’s only one solution. Siberian huskies have been used since the 10th c. to travel across the world’s most treacherous winter landscapes. While teams of dogs are used mostly for recreation now, it sure makes a memorable way to explore the great white north. Don’t forget to bundle up!

Chicken Bus

Old American school buses are given new life in South America. They transport goods, people… just about anything between rural communities. Where does the name, “chicken” come from? It’s not uncommon for locals to bring live animals on-board. You can spot the buses from miles away, they’re brightly painted and often filled to the brim with passengers, animals, farmer’s produce and luggage.


We’re still undecided whether the Segway is practical or ridiculous. Nonetheless, it’s becoming popular among city commuters and tourism groups for getting around the city. No need to worry about traffic jams, bike lanes or working up a sweat before your meeting. If the Segway isn’t your style, maybe the new Solowheel is the mode of transportation you’ve been dreaming of?


Not just for Beatles fans or Navy-wannabes, you can actually travel by submarine to destinations all over the world. Take a trip to the bottom of the ocean in Maui, cruise along the British coastline, visit old ship wrecks and explore the world’s oldest reefs. Caution: submarine travel is not for the claustrophobic!

Imgs: victoriapeckham, Drew Avery, beigephotos, DirectDish / Flickr cc.

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