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Summer is finally here and for many, that means a holiday is just around the corner – whether it’s a trip abroad or a great British getaway closer to home. Whilst we always hope that things will go smoothly to ensure a break to remember, these disgruntled holidaymakers were left unsatisfied with their time away – for hilarious reasons.

Twitter account @HolidayComplain tweets genuine complaints made by Brits abroad covering everything from the weather, to a lack of facilities and troubles with language.

One complainant was left disappointed after the weather failed to outdo that in the UK, whilst another was unhappy that they were left unprepared for breezy conditions:

Meanwhile, language also caused problems with visitors left disappointed after the native lingo was apparently too dominant:

Finally, in true British fashion, obstacles standing in the way of the perfect cup of tea drove travellers to air their grievances:

IMG: DSC03034, Jorge Sanz / Flickr cc.

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