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If you’ve ever tried to take the tube at rush hour in London, you’ll know that it can get pretty crowded!

According to data released by TfL under the Freedom of Information Act, based on closures due to overcrowding these are the stations which get the busiest.

Located on one of London’s most visited shopping streets, popular with both tourists and locals alike, in first place is Oxford Circus, with 219 closures between March 2014 – February 2016. Bank comes in second, with a comparatively paltry 90 closures, whilst with 77 closures Walthamstow Central takes third position.

There are a number of projects underway to improve conditions on the world’s oldest underground system, and with 1.3 billion annual users, it’s no surprise that London’s tube stations can get pretty crowded!

IMG: Metrô / The Tube, Márcio Cabral de Moura / Flickr cc.

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