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The sultry summer has definitely settled in and couples have already booked their holidays a long time ago. Families are packing up and heading to their holiday homes and the singles among us are scratching their heads… where should I go for my summer holiday? Where to singles go for rockin’ vacations without the chance of having a lonely heart?

One big plus about travelling single is that you have the ultimate freedom to go where you want and plan your own itinerary doing of course the things you love best. Who knows? You might actually meet a special someone while sailing the seas or relaxing on the shore of a Mediterranean island!

Boys: set sail to Greece this summer if you’re looking for a summer love or head grab a cheap flight to Palma de Mallorca on one of Spain incredible islands.

Girls: pack your bags for a cultural excursion to any of Europe’s great capitals from Madrid to Prague, Budapest to London there are plenty of cool art galleries, chic hotels and architecture to explore.

Tour Groups are not just for retired fogies

As lame as a tour group may sound, it’s actually a great way to travel and meet new people along the way. Sign-up for a rafting trip on a wild river south of the Equator or join a safari expedition across South Africa. Search for a cooking class abroad and revel in the gastronomic delights of Italy or even Japan!

There are some really great cultural tours and adventure tours available, totally aimed at young travellers who want to get away!

The Hit Singles

Grab a travel guide and get started! (flickr cc)

Where to singles go for holidays? City breaks seem to be the hit among single UK travellers, Leeds and Oxford never cease to attract young travellers all year round for their non-stop night life.

As for travel destinations abroad, Jamaica’s beaches are calling, South America’s historical trails are just as attractive as ever (especially Machu Picchu) and world-class cities are buzzing like Los Angeles, Dublin and Singapore. You can always find last-minute flights to New York City if the Big Apple is your style.

Choices and Motivation

Would you ever consider not travelling because your travel partner backed out or you just can’t imagine doing it alone? Forget it, if you had any idea how many travellers do it solo, you’d definitely catch this train as it leaves town! If you’ve just gone through a break up there is no better way to beat the relationship blues than on a hot sandy beach with an ice-cold drink in your hand. Meeting new people and new cultures is the best way to break out of your daily routine, recharge your batteries and having fun!

Where are you heading on vacation this summer? Are you going solo or with your sweetheart? Share your ideas!

Img: jordan_wooley / flickr cc

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