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London has a new attraction to add to its growing list. With the Olympic Games expected to attract millions to the city this summer, they can now enjoy some spectacular Thames views while they’re at it on London’s first cable car.

A new cable car has just opened in south London called the Emirates Air Line, costing a grand £44 million. The gondola system spans the Thames River 90 metres in the air between Greenwich (close to the O2 arena) and the Royal Docks (ExCeL exhibition centre) and can carry approximately 2,500 people in each direction every hour, that’s the same as 30 buses!

London’s first cable car, as you can probably tell by the name, is sponsored by the Dubai-based airline Emirates and will operate daily, adding yet another tourist attraction (and viable mode of city transportation) to the list of visitors in London this summer.

Check out the view!

Riding high in London

A single fare costs £3.20 if you’re using an Oyster card and £1.60 for children. Don’t have an Oyster card? Expect to dish out £4.30 for a single ride. Regular users will be eligible for so-called “frequent flyer” deals, £16 for 10 rides.

Why take the Tube to work when you can ride the cable car? Great views and quick service, it only takes five minutes to cross the Thames. Even Boris Johnson applauds it as another great way for commuters to get around the city.

With the Olympic Games opening on July 27th, London’s new cable car is not only a great way to cross the Thames quickly from south to east London, but also a great way to see the Olympic Park and historical Greenwich from above.

Have you taken a ride in the cable car yet?

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