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India in spring is a land fit for the gods. The weather is succulent and warm during the days and cool at night. Oman Air is offering discounts on flights to Delhi in March, departing from London, so don’t miss this chance to tour the Lotus Temple and search for buried treasure in India’s biggest marketplaces.If you’ve never been on a trip to India before you might be wondering what to pack, what to bring and what to leave behind. Whether you’re planning a quick jaunt to Delhi or a month-long tour of the entire country, there are a few necessities that every traveller should not leave home without.

10 things every traveller should bring to India

  • Toilet paper/wet toilettes
  • Power adapter for any necessary electronics
  • Rubber thongs to use in showers
  • Ladies: sarong for covering yourself in temples or just wrapping around when it’s cool
  • Clothing: comfortable and light cottons with some warmer sweaters for the nights
  • Mosquito repellent (Indian brands aren’t as strong as Western ones)
  • Small torch in case of power shortages
  • Sunscreen and shades will never go unused
  • Simple medications: pain killers, anti-allergens, anti-nausea brands are not readily available so bring a small supply with you
  • Earplugs!

Fly with Oman Air from London to Delhi for £397 (return, taxes and fee included) March 21-28th, 2011.

Don’t forget: British travellers need visas to enter and travel within India. These visas can be obtained at nearby consulates of the high commission in London. The visas cost £30.00 and take approximately 2-3 business days to process from London and a minimum of 10 business days by post.

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