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If you’ve been charmed by the latest BBC cooking sensation like we have, you’re dying to visit Paris and look up all of Rachel Khoo’s local haunts. Her charming little cooking show Little Paris Kitchen has inspired the nation to test their French cooking skills and also inspired a trip or two to Paris.

Paris, according to Rachel Khoo, is a mecca for flavours from around the world, fusing themselves into France’s ever-popular cuisine. Throughout her series, she takes viewers to her favourite patisseries, market places, Moroccan tea shops and even to the roof of the Grand Palais to taste some local Parisian city honey!

We’ve collected a few of Rachel’s favourite foodie spots in a little Tour Parisien for the next time you’re in the French capital and hungry for something delicious. Paris is but a short train ride away or you can always go the low cost route and grab a cheap flight to Paris for the weekend.

If you’re hungry, beware: this post is all about food.

Rachel’s Paris address book

To buy:

  • Marché d’Aligre (Rue d’Aligre, 75012 Paris) – This neighbourhood market is open Tuesday and Sunday in the mornings and features a wide selection of fresh fruit and veg plus some great North African grocers for more hard-to-find items.
  • Gontran Cherrier (22 rue Godefroy Cavaignac, 75011 Paris) – While there are thousands of boulangeries all over Paris, this is the one that Rachel recommends. The classic baguette is an easy choice but don’t underestimate the other artful breads.
  • Ma cave en ville (105 rue Belleville, 75019 Paris) – If you’re looking for something a little different as a wine selection, this is the place. There are a lot of vintages and varieties from small wineries, including quite a selection of organic and sulphite-free wines.
  • La Cocette (5 rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris) – This culinary store sells their own cooking accessories including some very cute aprons and oven mitts as well as a small collection of cookbooks, chosen by the owners.
Paris boulangerie

To eat:

  • À la petite fabrique du chocolat (12 rue Saint-Sabin, 75011 Paris) – If you’re a chocoholic, beware when entering this shop, you won’t leave empty-handed! Hand-crafted chocolates, so rich, so delicious…
  • Le Baratin (3 rue Jouye Rouve, 75020 Paris) – This small bistro is located in Belleville and serves simple but very tasty French classics plus some excellent wines.
  • Bob’s Juice Bar (15 rue Lucien Sampaix) – All that rich French food getting to you? Enjoy a little health-food detox at Bob’s Juice Bar with a fresh leafy salad or a green smoothie.

Little Paris Kitchen

What do you love about Paris? Is it the food and food culture?

Img: BBC, quangle_photographer / Flickr cc.

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