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There are few words that can describe the beauty of Sri Lanka. A jewel in the Indian Ocean and an ideal spot for unwinding under the sun and with more than enough culture in easy reach. Catch this deal from London to Colombo for £354 with Kuwait Air and take off this winter to someplace warm.

Come February you’ll definitely be needing a getaway so why not try something different? Take off from London Heathrow and land in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo for £354, include any applicable taxes and fees (per passenger).

There is a world of experiences awaiting for you whether you’re really into outdoor sports, culture, history or nature. From stunning national parks to breaking waves for even the most novice surfer to historic pilgrimages, Sri Lanka is rich in just about every aspect.

Here are four things you must do while on holidays in Sri Lanka!

Learn to surf.

Even if you’ve never ridden a wave before, you can certainly learn while in Sri Lanka. The south-western coast in particular is prime territory for great waves. Look for Hikkaduwa, that’s where all the surfers stay.

Drink tea in a tea field.

If you know anything about tea, which I reckon you do if you’re British, then you know that a lot of the tea we drink every afternoon comes from Sri Lanka. Head to the hills and visit a tea plantation for a tour. Insist on stopping for a cuppa at a historic plantation home alongside a spread of home-baked goodies.

Tea fields

Spot a leopard.

There are few places where you can easily spot leopards in the wild. Yala National Park is one of them. Apart from leopards, the park is home to a number of elephants, monkey, lizards and even crocodiles. Enjoy the stunning landscapes and keep your eyes peeled for a leopard or two.

Climb a peak.

If you’re interested in learning about Sri Lankan culture and traditions then you must climb to the top of Adams Peak, the most sacred place in the country. Legends believes that it was where Adam first stepped down on the earth when he descended from Heaven.

Have you ever been to Sri Lanka before? Where else would you like to go in this part of the world?

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