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The powder is starting to fall on the peaks of Europe’s mountains. It’s not quite ski season yet but we’re getting close! Get your skis out of the attic, dust them off and get them waxed up for this coming winter. Near and far, here are some of the best ski resorts around.

Zell am See – Austria

Take the gondola to the top of the mountain, Austria’s slopes range from easy to tricky welcoming skiers and snowboarders from all skill levels. A huge plus, at least for beginner snowboarders, are the gondola lifts instead of chair lifts or drag lifts which make it easier to dismount. The resort offers a number of other snowy activities too which is great if you want to give your ski legs a rest. Try nordic walking, ice skating and tobogganing too!

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Alpe d’Huez – France

Wide and open slopes that face the south mean not only sunshine, but lots of room to move around! he nearby town has a lot of accommodation possibilities too, not just resort-style hotels but smaller chalets, apartments and B&Bs. This pocket of France enjoys 300 plus days of sunshine a year… not bad!

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Smuggler’s Notch – USA

Vermont skiing

There is a ton of great skiing in the USA… a lot of big name resorts too. But sometimes smaller is better, especially when it comes to enjoying a relaxed ski holiday overseas. Take it easy and stay at one of Vermont’s smaller resorts like Smuggler’s Notch. It’s relaxed and very friendly, a good way to start your trip to the US and get your ski legs back in shape. Another plus, it’s a short drive from NYC which you can reach via direct flights from London.

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Mount Sutton – Canada

While most of the pros will head to Canada’s west coast Rockies, why not go somewhere different for a change? Mount Sutton is a little off the beaten path in Quebec, not far from the US boarder. It’s small and the people are very friendly, with mostly French-speaking locals on the slopes. The local village is as sweet as can be, with ample accommodations for foreign visitors. Pair your trip to the ski hills with a few days in romantic Quebec City or trendy Montreal.

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Hokkaido – Japan


With Japan’s tourism office giving away 10,000 free flights to Japan next year, there’s no better time to start taking a look at what this Asian country has to offer. Travelling to Japan is both time-cosuming and pricey but if you’re really looking for a unique ski experience, it’s totally worth the effort. Touch down in Tokyo for a few days to adjust to the new time zone and then head to Furano and Niseko to ski the slopes of extinct volcanoes.

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Where are you going skiing this winter? Before you go, check out these tips for safe skiing!

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