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The United Kingdom’s leading airline companies are celebrating summer with a dozen new routes to sun-filled destinations. New flights from Ryanair, Thomsonfly and Flybe just keep making it easier to Britons and globe-trotters to hop, skip and jump over to some of the continent’s favourite summer hot spots, at low cost prices!

On-line news sites seems to think that Britons are thinking about staying home for summer holidays and are reconsidered the “stay-cation” that was so popular last summer instead of heading abroad. After the Ash Cloud Incident, British Airways endless strikes and the recent closure of the country’s leading travel agent, it might seem plausible, but I’m not convinced!

Puerto del Rosario

Low cost giant Ryanair is always introducing new routes, with flights now heading to Puerto del Rosario in the Canary Islands from London and Edinburgh, travellers can expect to be whisked off to this seaside town for the lowest price. Although not entirely considered a tourist destination, it’s a great place to start while holidaying ons on Fuerteventura. The biggest city on the island, Puerto del Rosario is under some serious reconstruction to make it a more tourist-friendly place, with a wide promenade for shopping, restaurants with English-language menus and hundreds of statues, making a very pleasant walking “Art Tour.”

>> London – Puerto del Rosairo


Located just off the coast of Tunisia, travellers in need of a holiday on the seaside and with just the right amount of culture-shock should head to Djerba. Thomsonfly has introduced flights from London, Birmingham and Manchester to one of the largest island of North Africa. During the summer the island enjoys a mild climate which tends to attract its share of French, German and Czech tourists. Djerba is renowned for its beaches and sunsets, but some travellers should also check out Ajim, the town where parts of the first Star Wars film was shot.

>> Manchester – Djerba

Santa Clara

Santa Clara, Cuba: vintage cars and trendy bars

Cuba’s own Santa Clara makes it as another newly added low cost destination with Thomsonfly from London. Located centrally, this city is surrounded by lush hills and within close distance of other Cuban favourites like Havana. There is a busy university here but what attracts most are the Che Guevara sights. Those who stay around long enough will discover a city with a lot more character and colour than it first lets on. Enjoy the city’s local flavours by taking in an art exhibition at La Casa de la Ciudad and then tasting some local rum at the Fábrica de Tabacos Constantino Pérez Carrodegua.

>> London – Santa Clara

Porto Santo

Although only located 40km north of Portugal’s Madeira Island, Porto Santo Island is an oasis seemingly in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It is tiny, 11km long and 6km wide. Just a short jaunt from the airport is a 9km strip of white sandy beach, which of course is the main attraction, apart from an impressive golf course. Did you know that Christopher Columbus lived here? His house is now a museum that houses temporary art exhibitions and a permanent collection of some of his personal effects. Travellers can reach Porto Santo with Thomsonfly from London.

>> London – Porto Santo


This Spanish destination had a bad-rep in the past for being a largely industrial and port city but that’s all changing with the help of much-deserved tourism. Alicante is one of Flybe‘s newest destinations, accessible from both Manchester and Belfast. Spend at least some time here before moving on to discover other nearby Spanish gems like Valencia and Cartagena. The night life is hopping (thanks to the tens of thousands of uni students), the fish is fresh and the Castillo de Santa Bárbara is still the best place to see the city from above.

>> Manchester – Alicante


Malaga rivals just about any coastal city in Spain for its culture, beaches and attractions. The city boasts a charming historical old town which also happens to be the home of Picasso‘s birth house, a modern city, busy port and of course sandy beaches at close hand. Many parts of the city are pedestrian-only zones which make it a breeze for travellers who just like the wander and enjoy the streets. Fly to Malaga with Flybe from Belfast, Glasgow and Newcastle. Other southern cities are within easy reach as well, like Granada, Sevilla and resort-city Marbella.

>> Newcastle – Malaga

Tell me what you think of these travel destinations! Have you been?

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