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No doubt people who are planning their holidays in the Orient and booking the cheapest flights to Beijing as we type are wondering what on earth they should do once they reach their final destination.

Well, have we got a treat in store for you – we’ve just found out about The Chaoyang Acrobat Show and think it could be a perfect day out for anyone getting off the cheapest flights to Beijing.

It’s apparently proving very popular as an attraction in the city and features a number of death-defying stunts and feats involving any number of everyday items such as bowls and dinner plates, as well as the use of silk ribbons. You might even see performers balance cups on rods on their foreheads!

Discount tickets can be purchased from The China Guide and travel manager Judy Huang said: “The Chaoyang Acrobat Show is truly spectacular. We recommend it to all of our clients and any visitors to Beijing.”

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